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Tips on Preventing Volunteer Burnout

Last week I finally added it up. I’m doing seven different volunteer jobs for my church this year. In case there was any doubt, it’s official: I’m a worker bee. But then again I’ve always liked the number seven, not to mention I very much enjoy all of the different things I do — choir, […]

Awards: A Double-Edged Sword

About six weeks ago I received our church’s Virginia Grantham Service Award. I was deeply touched, particularly by the incredible generosity with which it was given. I forget what our wonderful Board President, Ginger Brown, said, but I know it involved my web work and some other more difficult tasks I’ve had to do at […]

How to “Fire” a Client

Have you ever had a web project you volunteered for turn bad? I certainly have. It can even happen after I’ve done all the right groundwork. Actually it’s inevitable for those of us who volunteer frequently. But I don’t think that should discourage you. It doesn’t happen that frequently and when it does, it’s a […]

The Essentials for Enjoying Volunteer Web Work

Lately I’ve been doing volunteer webmaster work beyond the four walls of my church. It’s still church-work — sometimes obviously so and sometimes not — but it’s for other good causes. After one less-than-stellar experience, I truly love doing this work. What makes this possible? I’d say it comes down to two things: understanding why […]