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Assemble Your Web Redesign Team

Having wrapped up initial redesign planning, it’s time to gather your redesign team. For many of you, this will be where the rubber hits the road. Intertwined with creating a team are two key pieces: your budget and your content management system.

Measure Your Site: Analytics and Beyond

Do you want to know what’s really happening on your congregation’s website — basing it on hard data instead of your best guess? Or would you like a few compelling graphics about your site to show leadership? It’s surprisingly easy to do this with a new breed of software tailored to websites, loosely named “analytics.” […]

Start Redesign Right: Organize Your Dreams

The very first step of a great redesign is ridiculously simple. It’s to dream — dream big even — and then (here’s the key) capture your ideas and organize them. To do this, you’ll need a place to record not just these thoughts, but other plans as you get further into the redesign. This is […]

Content Audits Are a Beautiful Thing

My church’s website redesign moves on apace. Yesterday I met with the person who volunteered to do our content audit. I didn’t even have to pull a Tom Sawyer to get her to help. We’re both librarians by training and adore digging into information and then organizing it. Even more tantalizing – you can do […]