Books for Creating Excellent Church Websites

The following is a highly selective list of my favorite books in various categories. These are the books I refer to over and over again or recommend to others wanting to learn more about a topic related to church web development and design.

General Introductions

Design and Cascading Style Sheets

  • The Non-Designer’s Design Book
    Robin Williams
    A short and easy-to-read introduction to the principles of design.
  • Eric Meyer on CSS
    Eric Meyer
    I’d learned a bit of CSS here and there before getting this book, but it turbo-charged my understanding of this critical component of designing a great website.
  • Bulletproof Web Design
    Dan Cederholm
    Once turbo-charged by the above book, I refined and expanded my understanding with this book, which addresses grittier CSS issues, like 3 column layout.





  • UNIX for Dummies
    Margaret Levine Young and John R. Levine
    For those times when you have to deal with Unix (e.g. to change file permissions), there’s no better reference for both the super-geek and the tech-timorous.