Roshi Bodhin Kjolhede’s Zen Talks on the Precepts

If I had to point to one Web resource that has enriched my life this past year, hands down it would be the podcasts of the Rochester Zen Center.

In part this is because last January, to my astonishment, I rejoined the Center after 22 years away. More importantly, however, they are really, really good — helpful and inspiring — my bet is to anyone interested in Zen. Bodhin Roshi says of books that you know it’s good if it gets you on the cushion practicing Zen (i.e., meditating). Well guess what…. I haven’t found a book that comes even close to these streaming Zen talks (teisho) for getting me on the mat.

Then today, wonder-of-wonders, I discovered they go back to 2007. I about fell over. I’ve been to the main page many times and from it had the impression that the streaming began in 2015. But this morning I clicked on the “Archives” dropdown and oh my heavens….

I did this partly out of desperation to find more on the Buddhist Precepts, which I’m currently studying. I’ve found very little aside from Roshi Robert Aitken’s book The Mind of Clover. And here are twelve — count them, twelve! — podcasts on the Precepts by Bodhin Roshi.

In the end, this Google search proved the most efficient way to uncover them. My guess is quite a number of people aren’t aware of the earlier podcasts, so I hope to unbury all of them soon. Meanwhile, here are the ones on the Precepts.

  1. Oct. 16, 2016 The Three Essentials of Buddhism

My deepest gratitude goes to Bodhin Roshi and the Rochester Zen Center staff for all that they do, including making these teisho available to people like me.

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